Stainless Steel Slave Collar

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This stainless steel premium-quality slave collar can be worn as a symbol of submission, or it can serve as a gorgeous accessory piece to wear with club gear, fetish outfits, costumes, etc. Sexy and versatile, this chrome collar is designed especially for men. It is lightweight with smooth, curved edges, and lined with suede for comfort. The high-gloss finish is mirror smooth and resistant to scratching. The hinged sides and locking back clasp allow for a snug fit and locked security. An O-ring adorns the front and is a perfect attachment point for a leash, rope, name tag, etc.


Medium/Large: 15 inch collar
– Length: 16 cm
– Width: 4.5 cm
– Diameter: 15.5 cm
– Inner diameter: 12.4 cm

Small/Medium: 13.5 inch collar
– Length: 15.5 cm
– Width: 4.5 cm
– Diameter: 14.8 cm
– Inner diameter: 12.1 cm

* It is a lightweight collar with smooth edges. The hinges on the sides opens outwards, which makes the collar easy to put on or to take off. * Due to its O ring this collar gives you endless opportunities, j

* Produced from high-quality Stainless Steel.


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