W/we Started Out Just Like You

Knowing There Was Something Missing In O/our Lives

In 1995 O/our founder Paul Bishop began his journey into trying to figure what that something was. It was when he discovered the world of BDSM via the highly frustrating slow speed dial up internet connection that pieced together a varied collection of concepts of a highly complex lifestyle. With His interest sparked, and His passion ignited He dove into learning everything He could about this missing part of His life.

After years of study and travels, a group of kinksters came together to share their knowledge and experience to help each individual to learn and grow in their ever evolving desires. In 2006 this group of fun loving kink positive enthusiasts from varied backgrounds opened The BDSM Training Academy with the sole purpose of helping others to bypass the struggles and difficulties that W/we had experienced. To help those in need to discover and revel in freedom of finally being able to live ones true desires.

One Common Problem Among The Team

Among all the Dominants, submissives and switches among the team, W/we all had spent thousands of dollars on O/our own personal BDSM gear and kinky toy collection. W/we each had experienced the excitement of buying something new to enhance future BDSM scenes only to feel the sting of disappointment from a  toy that just didn’t measure up.

Whether it was just so poorly made it would break after a few uses if not the first use or was so poorly designed clearly the creator had never been the particular item for its intended purpose. W/we were all tired of wasting O/our money on low quality items created by vanilla people.

After years of searching, hours upon hours of trial and testing at O/our own expense, W/we slowly started to find a few producers of high quality durable toys that W/we had always wanted. It was a brutal and frustrating process but well worth it in the end.

W/we know and understand how truly hard it is to find quality, highly durable and properly designed Bondage Gear and BDSM toys. W/we know better than any one how much cheap low quality toys can cost in the long run. And that is not the struggle W/we want anyone else to have to go through. 

The BDSM Toy Shop was created to share with you the quality gear that has taken use over 10 years to find, so you can spend your time enjoying your kinks instead of having to deal with the frustration and embarrassment of interrupting scenes due to crappy toys.

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