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We know how frustrating it can be to spend your hard earned money on disappointing crap that breaks after a few uses or just doesn’t meet your expectations. Each member of the entire BDSM Training Academy has easily spent thousands of their own money to build their personal toy collection. It is very easy to waste a ton of money hoping to get more, but in the end you just wind up with less as you constantly have to buy something else to replace the previous bad purchase.

Finding quality BDSM gear that will represent the kind of kinkster you are while enhancing your sessions instead of taking away from them is far harder than you can imagine. 

This is W/we decided to create the BDSM Toy Shop, so W/we could help kinksters like U/us to bypass the struggles and pain of going through what W/we went through. To save you years of your life and thousands of your own money!

If W/we Wouldn't Use It, W/we Won't Offer It Here

You can feel safe in knowing that W/we love everything W/we have on this site. W/we are constantly searching for new products, better innovations, enhanced designs and amazing new manufacturers. If there is an item you can’t seem to find send U/us an email and W/we will do everything W/we can to find it for you. 

Many shops use a feed to add everything there is into their shop, including the good, the bad and the ugly. W/we handpick each item personally before adding it to the shop. 

W/we want to put all the fun back into shopping for your fetish gear and kinky toys and remove the headaches. Please enjoy shopping with U/us and if you don’t let U/us know what you didn’t enjoy and W/we will change it to make sure when you come back it is much more fun.

The Toy Shop Was Designed With Your Kinks In Mind

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