Here is a list of commonly asked questions. If you do not find an answer to your question here, please feel free to contact U/us her

1)What currency are the products priced in?

All prices are set in USD

2) Have a shipping question

Please follow the link for answers on shipping: Shipping Information Here

3) Have a return/exchange question

Please follow the link for answers on shipping: Return/Exchange Information Here

4) Do you have a guarantee/warranty on your products?

To bring you some of the best products W/we can find, W/we work with a lot of different distributors and manufacturers. Each one having a different guarantee/warranty for their products. If a product comes with a guarantee/warranty it will found on the same page as the product.

Damage O/our guarantees/warranties does not cover includes:

  • Damage caused by unreasonable use such as crushing or cutting the product.
  • Damage caused from neglect such as leaving the product exposed to the elements for extended periods of time causing material to breakdown.
  • Damage caused from normal wear and tear. Products will bend, stretch, and become scratched with normal use. A product that has been used will never look brand new.  W/we will not replace a product just because it does not look brand new.
  • Damage from fluids, including bodily fluids. Liquids including but not limited too oil, wax, water, water-based liquids and bodily fluids can and will damage materials.
  • Damage from modifications caused by unauthorized personnel.  If you choose to modify any of the products, W/we will not be responsible for repairing the damage that may occur.

5) What about a defective product?

Please follow the link for answers on defective products: Defective Exchange Information

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