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Just The Smell And Feel Of These Leather Cuffs Will Transport Your Submissive To A State Of Pure Bliss

Comfortable, Durable And Absolutely Gorgeous When Worn While Serving

There is nothing in the world like a pair of soft leather cuffs sliding along the skin as it wraps around a limb. The sound of the clip snapping into place once the cuff is securely attached. The smell of the leather filling the nose with each movement of the cuffs. The contrast of the dark leather against the submissive’s skin as the cuffs hold them securely in place.

Watch as your sub’s mind and body responds immediately to every sensation that comes from a set of high quality leather cuffs.

Your submissive will become more eager to submit as feel themselves losing control of their body. Their mind instantly drop into a submissive state, as they shift within cuff.

Your sessions will flow and transition more easily as you only need one or two snaps to completely reposition your submissive with these cuffs. Unlike rope which can take hours to create elaborate ties and just as long to undo, you can easily move from one position to another with cuffs. It only takes moments to attach and moments to reattach another way. This allows you to have a variety of options while you are training.

There is nothing like the sight of a submissive wearing a pair of leather cuffs. The contrast against their skin as they move while serving is a constant reminder that they have chosen to give control of their body over to their Dominant. Control that you can take at any moment, how you please, with these gorgeous leather cuffs.

  • Only grade 1 premium soft leather is used in the making of this cuff set to ensure the cuff remains comfortable to wear and durable enough for play.
  • Each cuff is individually sewn to create a more secure, durable and comfortable cuff than riveted cuffs.
  • No metal comes in contact with the wearers skin. During long sessions a submissive can become hot and sweaty. The heat and sweat can react with any metal that comes in contact with the skin, leaving a nasty and uncomfortable rash.
  • All edges are rounded off making the cuffs easier to wear. Straight leather edges can cut into the skin, becoming more painful and distracting the longer the session goes on.
  • 2 wrist cuffs and 2 ankle cuffs per set
  • Wrist cuffs are 2.5″ wide with an approximate size range: 7″-11″
  • Ankle cuffs are 3.5″ wide with an approximate size range: 9″ – 13″

1000s of hours of play and testing have gone into developing better designs and higher quality bondage gear

1 Year Waranty

W/we are confident that these cuffs are so well manufactured and durable that if anything breaks within their first year of (standard) use, W/we will repair or replace the broken item. Nobody offers this kind of guarantee on their bondage gear, but W/we know that W/we can because so much time, care and dedication has been put into creating this product for you.

This warranty does not cover abuse, alteration, theft, loss, or unauthorized and/or unreasonable use of your product.


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