Premium Padded Leather Cuffs


Cuffs That Scream Control To Look At, But Protect And Comfort When Worn

Watch Your Submissive Melt Into Your Domination Once They Feel The Leather On Their Skin


***Academy Favorite***

Pride and individual care is taken into creating each cuff to ensure a secure, strong, long-lasting, and comfortable fit. These cuffs are not mass-produced, every effort is taken to produce the highest quality for each individual cuff.

Low-quality mass-produced bondage gear does nothing but creates an uncomfortable, distracting and frustrating session. When you are training a submissive you need their focus at all times, but it is hard for a sub to do that when an irritating rough, and coarse piece of leather is biting into their flesh.

I know, I have spent years looking for a high-quality cuff that can bind a submissive’s limbs but at the same time not distract the submissive from focusing on Me and My voice. The Premium Padded Leather Cuffs were created to be comfortable but durable and restrictive at the same time.

  • Only grade 1 premium soft leather is used on the inside of the cuff and an outer layer of grade 1 dyed suede leather lines the outside
  • A fully padded inside layer of the cuff is meant to ensure the cuffs remain comfortable to wear at all times
  • Each cuff is individually sewn to create a more secure, durable, and comfortable cuff than riveted cuffs.
  • No metal comes in contact with the wearers’ skin. During long sessions, a submissive can become hot and sweaty. The heat and sweat can react with any metal that comes in contact with the skin, leaving a nasty and uncomfortable rash.
  • All edges are rounded off making the cuffs easier to wear. Straight leather edges can cut into the skin, becoming more painful and distracting the longer the session goes on.
  • 2 wrist cuffs and 2 ankle cuffs per set
  • Wrist cuffs are 2.5″ wide with an approximate size range: 7″-11″
  • Ankle cuffs are 3.5″ wide with an approximate size range: 9″ – 13″


Remember it doesn’t matter what you do during a training session if your submissive can’t concentrate on what it is you are saying. This is why a cuff set designed for comfort and durability is so important.

1000s of hours of play and testing have gone into developing better designs and higher quality bondage gear

1 Year Warranty

W/we are so confident that these cuffs are so well manufactured and durable that if anything breaks within their first year of (standard) use, W/we will repair or replace the broken item. Nobody offers this kind of guarantee on their bondage gear, but W/we know that W/we can because so much time, care, and dedication have been put into creating this product for you.

This warranty does not cover abuse, alteration, theft, loss, or unauthorized and/or unreasonable use of your product.

Grab Your Restraints Before Supplies Run Out




Black & Black, Blue & Black, Purple & Black, Red & Black


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