Professional Rubber Cuff Set


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Made With The Professional In Mind

These cuffs are made from Quality Neoprene Rubber making them extremely sturdy, durable and easy to clean.

Why Neoprene Instead Of Latex Rubber?
1) Many people have allergies to latex rubber
2) Latex can pull and rub against the skin, while neoprene is a nonabrasive rubber.
3) Neoprene is a better quality rubber that is more durable then latex

  • Each cuff is sewn to create secure, durable and comfortable
    bondage gear. No metal comes in contact with the wearers skin. When a
    wearer becomes hot and sweaty, the skin can react to metal rivets it comes in contact with.
    This is why these cuffs are all sewn.
  • The best part is how easy they are to clean. Just use a bucket of water
    and bleach (10% bleach solution) to wash the cuffs and hang them to
    dry. Its that simple, especially after a long hard scene.
  • All edges are rounded off
    making the cuffs more comfortable to wear. Straight leather edges can
    cut into the skin, becoming more painful and distracting the longer the
    session goes.
  • 2 wrist cuffs and 2 ankle cuffs per set
  • Wrist cuffs are 2″ wide with an approximate size range: 5 1/2″-10″
  • Ankle cuffs are 3″ wide with an approximate size range: 7″-12″

it doesn’t matter what you do during a training session if your
submissive can’t concentrate on what it is you are saying. This is why a
cuff set designed for comfort and durability is so important.

1000s of hours of play and testing have gone into developing better designs and higher quality bondage gear


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