Stainless Steel Male Chastity Belt

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This fully customizable male chastity belt is a sturdy and efficient way to ensure that your slave has absolutely no access to his genitals… after all, they belong to you! Keep him trapped under lock and key in this 24-7 instrument of torment. A single lock keeps him at your mercy, with three keys included for you to tease him with. This belt includes separate compartments for his penis and balls, as well as holes at both his urethra and anus so that he can use the bathroom without taking off the belt. The steel material cleans and sterilizes thoroughly.

The entire restraint system is lined with a rubber trim and is completely customizable. To fully confine your partner to your needs, each piece of the system can be adjusted with patience. Remove the rubber trim and unscrew each of the bolts, including those that secure the crotch strap, to fully customize each part to your partners perfect size. Rescrew the bolts, replace and cut the rubber trim to size, and enjoy your partners desperation. The process is well worth it and a play scene in and of itself.

Measurements: Waist adjusts from 24 to 44.5 inches. Crotch strap adjusts from to 22 to 28 inches.

Material: Stainless steel, latex.

Color: Grey.

Note: Includes belt, 3 keys, and a number of grommets and screws for adjusting.


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Stainless Steel Male Chastity BeltStainless Steel Male Chastity Belt
Original price was: $589.99.Current price is: $497.97.
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