Beginner Leather Bamboo Cane


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The Very First Cane Designed For Breaking In A New Submissive

* BDSM Training Academy Favorite

A very popular toy because of its diversity as a cane and the different thud sensations that can be felt upon impact, instead of the intense sting that most canes produce.  The Beginner Cane was designed for three main purposes:

1) To provide a less intense caning to new submissives or a submissive scared of canes. The beginner cane always a submissive to get used to being caned without overstimulating them with the sharp pain of a regular cane.

2) Give a Dominant new to caning a chance to learn using a cane that is more forgiving and kinder.  Especially when a mistake is made.

3) Since the beginner flogger produces a softer thud, this cane is actually a great toy to use to warmup your submissive’s body before moving onto more harder impact gear such as floggers, paddles and canes.

The Beginner Cane is made up of:

  • Multiple slats of bamboo, which give this cane the feel, flexibility and action of a bamboo cane.
  • These cords are then covered in a soft leather sheath, to protect the submissive from splinters that can come from bamboo canes

Its the leather and multiple bamboo combination that produces the beautiful thud that every submissive loves.  While allowing the Dominant to enjoy the swing and feel of a natural bamboo cane.

1000s of hours of play and testing have gone into developing higher quality and better designed canes to enhance your play


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