Sensual Power Cane


Canes Designed For The Ultimate In Control

A Perfect Balance Of Power And Sensuality


With canes being so thin, many design flaws have been seen over the years.  Most canes are just not able to withstand long usage or strenuous activity.

Typical bamboo and wood canes can splinter over time.  It one thing to receive a nice caning, its another to pull a splinter out of your ass. Rattan is a strong more durable material, but it must be re-oiled and re-hydrated regularly, otherwise it will become brittle and break.

The biggest problem with natural canes, is that they absorb fluid (ie blood) and that makes it difficult to ensure the cane is clean and hygienic for use again.

  • This is why the Sensual Power Canes were made out of Nylon, a material that is extremely flexible, highly durable, won’t splinter and best of all has a very easy upkeep.
  • The bright yellow tip is designed to ensure when you are using the cane in dim light (as most people do) that you will always be able to see the end of the cane at all times. This way you can swing away, know where the cane is going to land.
  • Nylon also makes this cane extremely easy to clean after play. A simple swipe of an antibacterial wet wipe, a cloth moistened with a disinfectant solution, a dip in a bucket of water and bleach or boil it in some hot water.  Then just hang to dry and know that your cane is clean. The Nylon canes won’t even warp or dry out when left to dry.
  • A nonslip grip created to ensure you have control of your cane at all times and that it won’t coming flying out of your hands at the wrong time
  • The longer the cane is the harder the impact but it is also harder to control and more likely to break with each use.  The Sensual Power Canes are 22″ long, a length designed to maximize the force of impact, while keeping the cane controlled and ensuring longer lasting durability.
  • Unlike natural canes, the Sensual Power Cane is smooth and has a consistent size and density throughout the entire length of the cane.  The thicker the cane the more thud it will produce, along with more bruises. The thinner the cane, the receiver will feel more sting and is more likely to cut the skin if over done.

Different Size Options:
Large size – 3/8″ thick
Medium size – 5/16″ thick

I find most subs enjoy a canning from two canes at the same time.  The reason is because the Dom/me is using both hands to cane, they will automatically swing with less force and being able to mix up the sensations by varying the rhythm. This is also a perfect style when slowing working the sub up from the beginner cane and trying to get them used to receive a harder canning.

1000s of hours of play and testing have gone into developing higher quality and better designed canes to enhance your play


1 Year Waranty

W/we are confident that these cuffs are so well manufactured and durable that if anything breaks within their first year of (standard) use, W/we will repair or replace the broken item.  Nobody offers this kind of guarantee on their bondage gear, but W/we know that W/we can because so much time, care and dedication has been put into creating this product for you.

This warranty does not cover abuse, alteration, theft, loss, or unauthorized and/or unreasonable use of your product.





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