Daddy’s Belt Embracelet


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A Beautiful Reminder Of What Is Waiting For Them When You See Them Next!

Keeping Their Submissive Thoughts Locked On You When

Daddy’s Belt Is Wrapped Around Their Wrist

They love the feel of your belt against their skin and are always begging for more. To feel your presence and strength interwoven at all times into their life. To freely be able to live the life they were always meant too within your Dominance.

The Daddy’s Belt Embracelet was created to intensify this natural desire.

Watch your submissive’s attitude transform before your eyes the moment this gorgeous embracelet is closed around their wrist. The high polish finish will compliment your sub’s beautiful submissive nature, while the buckle design will enforce your Dominant strength.

Perfect for everyday wear and no one will be the wiser…except for you and your highly aroused submissive. This little exposed naughty secret will have your submissive aching for you.

Ignite The Desire Within Your submissive And Keep Their Focus On Where It Is Always Meant to Be

With The Daddy’s Belt Embracelet

Material: high quality 316L Stainless Steel

Size:  1.3 inches (33 mm)  wide band

Diameter :  2.44 inches (62 mm)

Circumference: Three adjustable sizes ranging from 6.5 inches – 7 inches or 16.5 cm – 17.8 cm

* Erasable marker not included

Find You Need A More Watchful Eye On Your Sub In Public

Perfect For Keeping Track Of Broken Rules Bad Behavior Infractions Mistakes Slip-ups That Will Need Correcting Once You Get Home

Daddys Belt With Model Infractions

Remind Them No Bad Deed Goes Unpunished!

Nothing will help to bring them inline faster than the visual display of their bad behavior and the potential night that is in store for them when they get home.

Best part is nobody will know what game you are both playing except the two of you. Or the hot night you both have cumming!

Many times a submissive is obedient and well behaved in private but quite the naughty little sub when in public. For those submissives that feel like they can get away with anything, Daddy’s Belt Embracelet provides a perfect canvas for keeping tracking of all your sub’s wrongdoings.

With just a simple erasable marker in your back pocket, you can quickly and easily mark every infraction they make.

Daddys Belt Embracelet Infraction

* Erasable Marker Not Included


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