The Forever Mine Submissive Bracelet


Give Your Submissive The Gift Of Feeling Your Dominance At All Times With This Beautiful Symbol Of Your Control Locked Around Their Wrist

No One Will Know It’s True Meaning, Except The Both Of You

Your submissive is beautiful and perfect in her obedience to you.  She follows your commands and does everything she can to make you happy.  You have collared her as your submissive and she is truly happiest when she is serving you.

Sadly, life tends to get in the way when it comes to enjoying O/our desires.  W/we just can’t be in the Dungeon or play room every waking moment and all your submissive wants is to feel your presence and Dominance in her life all the time.

She knows you can’t always be with her, but if you can’t always be present at least a reminder of your Dominance could satisfy her burning desires when you’re absent.  Something that can symbolize everything your Dominance and her submission stands for.

Of course, you have a nice leather collar for when you are in the privacy of your home, but even in this day and age society does not look too kindly on obvious symbols of BDSM.  Wearing that collar publicly can lead to serious issues outside the privacy of your home. As your sub’s protector the last thing you want to do is put her in a situation where she might be emotionally or physically hurt from someone else’ ignorance and discrimination towards your life choices.

The Forever Mine Submissive Bracelet, discreetly expresses your Ownership and Dominance in her life!

It allows her to walk around with a constant symbol of your true relationship and the best part is nobody will ever have a clue as to it’s true meaning.  With just one turn of the key, the Forever Mine Bracelet will be locked around her wrist until you decide to unlock it with the key you carry around your neck. Your submissive will remain in a constant state of submissive bliss with your Dominance clasped firmly around her wrist. This beautifully bracelet is a permanent reminder, and a constant symbol of your Dominant/submissive relationship as it sits elegantly on her wrist.

She will praise you for such a beautiful and meaningful gift and will beg you to never take it off once it’s on.

She will finally know that she truly belongs to you!

The Forever Mine Submissive Bracelet


  • One Locking Heart Shaped Bracelet (with a fully functioing lock)
  • One necklace with Key


  • Non-allergenic Titanium
  • rhinestone jewels


  • Diameter: 2.24 inches (5.7 cm)
  • Circumference: 7 inches (17.9 cm)



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Locking Submissive BraceletThe Forever Mine Submissive Bracelet
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