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Made With The Professional In Mind

These cuffs are made from Quality Neoprene Rubber making them extremely sturdy, durable and easy to clean.

Why Neoprene Instead Of Latex Rubber?
1) Many people have allergies to latex rubber
2) Latex can pull and rub against the skin, while neoprene is a nonabrasive rubber.
3) Neoprene is a better quality rubber that is more durable then latex

Why Rubber Instead of Leather?

It is extremely difficult cleaning a leather flogger to ensure that it has been properly disinfected from previous play without destroying the leather.  However, it is extremely easy to clean these rubber floggers after each use. Just use a bucket of water and bleach (10% bleach solution) and/or a disinfectant spray and wipe down each fall to wash the flogger and hang it to dry.  Its that simple, especially after a long hard scene.

1000s of hours of play and testing have gone into developing better designs and higher quality bondage gear


1 Year Waranty

W/we are confident that these cuffs are so well manufactured and durable that if anything breaks within their first year of (standard) use, W/we will repair or replace the broken item.  Nobody offers this kind of guarantee on their bondage gear, but W/we know that W/we can because so much time, care and dedication has been put into creating this product for you.

This warranty does not cover abuse, alteration, theft, loss, or unauthorized and/or unreasonable use of your product.


Grab Your Restraints Before Supplies Run Out

W/we only have left:

3 – Rubber floggers



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