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W/we are constantly looking for new high quality products to help better enhance Y/your play sessions at the BDSM Toy Shop. The most important thing to U/us is having your opinion and feedback. W/we want to make sure the products W/we offer are what you really want and need. So W/we really need your feedback so that W/we can provide you with only the best BDSM gear possible and not waste your time with anything else.

W/we would truly appreciate it if Y/you could take a few minutes and answer the questions listed below.

As a special thank you for taking the time to complete the questionnaire, you will receive a special discount for the BDSM toy shop, so you can purchase some of the highest quality BDSM Gear found right here at a discounted price.

W/we know Y/your time is important and W/we just want to give back to show O/our appreciation for Y/your opinion and for Y/your time.

Thanking you all,

Master Bishop

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